Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gong Moment #9- Slave Humor

Ok. Ole' Sisterdoc has had enough. What is up with all the slave and Klan jokes in the newspapers these days?

(Images: Bizarro; Rubes)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Flint, MI: Just Say No To Crack

Everybody knows that Sisterdoc spends more time in Michigan than she should. This morning, she was warned to avoid visiting the city of Flint...that is, if she is going to bring along her stylin' and profilin' brother.

Flint Police Chief Dicks (c'mon, that's his name) announced that people who wear their britches too low will be arrested: "this immoral self expression goes beyond free speech. It rises to the crime of indecent exposure, disorderly persons." While Sisterdoc thinks getting a look at someone's dingy tighty whiteys is icky, she doesn't mind a nice crisp pair of cotton Hanes boxers with the tartan I digress.

Obviously, this is a law imposed to keep the brothas in Flint in check (and yes, Dicks is Black). And, I feel really really sorry for that poor White kid who the police found, searched, and then let go with a warning in front of reporters' cameras just to prove that the law isn't motivated by racial bias.

The Flint Police have kindly provided a guide to saggin' sanctions (see image). I, for one, am glad they are on their j-o-b on this one. I mean it isn't like Flint's crime rate is above the national average, or that they just laid off 46 police officers, or that Dicks didn't just get his home raided by federal investigators for "misuse of funds."

Monday, July 07, 2008

12 Things to do in Black Pittsburgh

A New York Times reporter recently spent a whirlwind 36 hours in my beloved Pittsburgh, making 12 stops to some of the city’s hotspots. But as is the case, BLACK Pittsburgh didn’t come up on this reporter’s radar. Odd, since Black history is so much of Pittsburgh’s story. To remedy the situation, I add my 12 Pittsburgh “must do’s” (in no particular order):

12. Jazz in the Park: Every Tuesday from 6:30-8pm in Wilkinsburg…FREE!
11. Zumba: Latin rhythm dance and fitness classes at the Dance CafĂ© on 7th…$5.00
10. The Black Family Reunion: August 2-3 in Mellon Park…FREE!
09. Mt. Ararat Baptist Saturday Nights Live Worship: Skip the club. Get your praise and your worship on over on Paulson…FREE!
08. Freedom Corner: A monument to Black Pittsburghers and their efforts in the civil rights movement. Also a subtle reminder of how much land was stolen from the Hill District due to gentrification. On the corner of Centre and Crawford…FREE!
07. Abay Ethiopian Cuisine…Yum…the Zilzil Tibs made SisterDoc forget all about her ‘no red meat’ aspirations…under $20.00
06. Pittsburgh Steelers…Check out the next Black Super Bowl Champion Coach Mike Tomlin…cha ching $$$
05. Kuntu Repertory Theatre: The oldest and largest African American arts organization. In Oakland…$20.00
04. VIP Styles: Downtown barbershop for a tight cut and some good chatter…$8-20.00’ish
03. Bible Center Church of God in Christ: Beautify Homewood every Saturday morning by volunteering with Pastor John Wallace, Ph.D. Get a true feel for those who love Homewood…FREE!
02. Pittsburgh Courier: On East Carson. Just peek into the offices of the oldest and most prestigious Black newspapers…FREE! (if you can get in).
01. Carnegie Library of Homewood: Family friendly. Lots of Black literature. Beautiful architecture…FREE!

Image: The Pittsburgh Crawfords

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Rep'in the U.S.-- our Olympic track and field team! Beautiful!