Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nipsey Russell-Gong Moment #6: Sexism in a Shoe

What is a “Nipsey Russell-Gong Moment?” Three decades ago, the great entertainer Nipsey Russell was a guest judge on The Gong Show. On one episode, a White male ventriloquist appeared as a contestant. His dummy was white, but he (inexplicably) sloppily painted it brown, hence, it looked a bit like blackface. As the man told bad, though not racist jokes, Russell gonged him. Russell explained that he gonged the man because something just wasn’t right. Sometimes things just feel wrong. If you get that feeling, don’t doubt yourself. Just gong ‘em!

GONG to Antonio Verardi for designing this bit of sexism in a shoe. This is how men get ahead ladies. While they strut around in their comfy loafers, they put us in a shoe that, according to Michael Paynton, chair of the British Chiropody and Podiatry Association, will “do damage to the tendons in your legs.”

(Image source: Daily Mail)

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