Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ralph Nader asks if President Obama is an 'Uncle Tom'

Ralph Nader had to get 'checked' by Shepard Smith of Fox News (of all people, of all networks) for calling Obama an "Uncle Tom." Just moments after Obama was named President-Elect, Nader repeated and defiantly asked if Obama was going to be a Tom to corporations. Smith was appalled by Nader's hate, and rightly so. Nader has shown his true racist colors. See it all here.


Anonymous said...

luckily a fool like Nader was the 3rd party candidate in this election so he couldn't be a spoiler like he was in 2000. for more reasons than just this, people have realized that he's a loon.

Tyler Goetz said...

Nader is a blowhard idiot driven more by his ego than by anything else.

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