Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama- Yes We Can!

Sisterdoc is still riding high from (soon to be POTUS) Obama's speech-- yep, I have the "audacity of hope" too! I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, right along with the future First Lady, as I listened to Obama's "race" speech. It's been a long time since I've heard such a poignant and complex treatment of race relations presented in mainstream media. It's been a long time since Sisterdoc felt like she was witnessing history in the making.

Don't get it twisted. There is no "cult of personality" fawning over Obama here. And, who really thinks Obama has been getting "a pass" while folks like Stephanie "Hillary's Shill" Tubbs Jones insists on calling Obama a Somali. And then there is the McCain camp's backdoor attacks on Obama through the very selective editing of Rev. Wright's sermons. Frankly, Obama has been catching hell.

Still, Obama has used media to communicate democratic ideals that have been absent from this country's discourse for far too long. Nope, he isn't bamboozling us with "3 a.m." diversions.

And speaking of diversions-- as the image attached here reveals, Rev. Wright isn't some hate-filled lunatic. Rather, someone in Bill Clinton's crew thought Rev. Wright was mainstream enough to attend this breakfast. That's Rev. Wright with Bill Clinton. The breakfast was held just one hour before Kenneth Starr was to release his report on the Monica Lewinsky mess.

Of course, there is more to Obama than his rhetoric. But Sisterdoc makes her living studying discourse. She believes it is important. She believes that discourse is culture, and that discourse leads to change. Folks are feeling Obama's discourse, and they are seeing a hope and a change-- "A More Perfect Union"-- on the horizon. Check out brother Tyrone Malone on this point.

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