Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama News...And So It Begins

After all the Inauguration festivities, Sisterdoc had much work to catch up on. But, there is still a good bit to say about our first week with Obamas.

1. How they’re living. Did you know that the Obama’s moved into what Pres. Ford said was “the best public housing I’ve ever seen!” The White House has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms. The Obamas will be living on the second and third floors, with 20,000 square feet to roam in. The second floor has six bathrooms, 20 rooms, and a kitchenette. The third floor has a solarium overlooking the National Mall. It also has 9 bathrooms.

2. This isn’t welfare. Did you know that their food and other personal items aren’t free. The Obamas will be billed for their food, toiletries, dry cleaning, etc. Given how much the government has paid for things like toilet seats and screwdrivers in the past, the Obamas might be better off getting their dine on at Georgia Browns, or running down to the nearest CVS for their unmentionables.

3. Give me a break. Beanie Babies is issuing two new dolls—Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia. But, the company SWEARS that the dolls aren’t named after the First Children. I think we should swear not to buy the dolls if this company can’t be honest…and proud…about the inspiration of the product.

4. Shut up and go sit down somewhere. Remember when Harvey Gantt, an African American and purported friend of Michael Jordan, ran for the U.S. Senate against arch-conservative/race baiter Jess Helms? When Helms was running racist ads, the Gantt campaign turned to Jordan, then at the height of his popularity, for an endorsement. Jordan dissed his friend by saying “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Years later, Jordan added, Republicans buy sneakers…and usually full retail.” Jordan has finally decided to get political, but not without putting his brand and his profits first. Jordan said he was so moved to see Obama on inauguration day that….he is going to issue a new athletic shoe. Who knew Magic Johnson would turn out to be the smart one.

5. Don’t get it twisted. Though the media has focused on the First Lady’s clothing, her ‘model-like looks,’ and her mommy identity, don’t forget…Michelle was Barack’s boss first. That’s right, he worked for her. She isn’t just some pretty face….she is Princeton and Harvard smart, Mayor Daley’s office and Sidley & Austin law firm tough, and Americorps/Public Allies community centered. She could easily be our POTUS. Oh…and not one more mention of her booty…it’s disrespectful.

6. Pulling myself together. Sisterdoc watched Barack gaze into Michelle’s eyes during their first dance…and, whew!, I lost it. Check out the picture above. Oh, and with this kind of Black love on display, entertainment media better stop depicting Black men as brutal bucks and Black women as Jezebels. They better offer me something else besides Training Day and Monster’s Ball.

Peace y’all.

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