Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pantless Judge- Roy L. Pearson

Sisterdoc hasn’t forgotten about you Roy L. Pearson. You were the D.C. judge who sued the owners of Custom Cleaners, a mom and pop dry cleaning business, for $54 million over some misplaced suit pants. The cleaners’ owners, the Chungs, insist they found your pants, and have tried repeatedly to give them back. But you pressed on (no pun intended), and became the poster-child for frivolous litigation and the need for legal reform. You refused to accept the pants, claiming they are not yours. You refused $1000 to replace your suit. You refused a $12,000 settlement. Instead, you sued the Chungs for damages and for them to pay for a car service to drive you to a cleaners in another neighborhood. The legal wrangling cost them everything, to include their business.

You finally had your lawsuit thrown out, and the judge noted that you’d engaged in “unnecessary litigation” in the past. But the damage was done…the Chungs’ are an emotional wreak. A fundraiser held for the Chung’s helped them to cover their legal expenses, and wanting to be free of you, they decided not to try to recover the $80K in attorney/court costs that you owed them….if you would just leave them be. You didn’t. You appealed, dragging them in to court again. For this bit of poor judgment, you lost your job as judge…and you lost your appeal.

But you still won’t quit. This week you went to the D.C. Court of Appeals, and you are also hoping to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear your case. Oh, and now you are suing D.C. for $1 million for wrongful termination because they said you lack “judicial temperament.”

Your wife divorced you long ago. You’ve lost your job. You’ve become a global laughing-stock as you’ve become known as the “pantless judge” in the media. All you have to show for all of this is an unemployment check, and that is running out. At this point, you might want to start looking for a new job, and leave this pant suit (pun very much intended) alone.


Iam Robert said...

Great post! I'm not sure what this guy is on, but surely he has something better to do: like put on his other pants and look for a job! I just can't beleive someone would do this--check that, I'm in a battle with an attorney right now who charged me $875.00 to write a one paragraph letter that he faxed to a school.

stephs said...

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Anonymous said...

Would you expect anything else from someone of his type?