Monday, January 26, 2009

Virgina Tech and Other Campus Problems

Sisterdoc is a university professor, so campus violence really hits home. Virginia Tech is witness to another horrific crime. Xin Yang arrived on the campus on January 8th to begin a master’s program in accounting. By January 21st, she was dead—decapitated (!?!) by another student, Haiyang Zhu. Haiyang was serving as a mentor to the new student, helping Xin to learn her way around the University.

The challenges and threats faculty, staff, and students face on campuses aren’t publicized much, but they are very real and hardly isolated incidents. I have encountered college students carrying weapons. I have found myself working to mediate roommate fights. The incidents of domestic violence…wow! And, employees misbehave, too. Faculty have dropped their pants to moon one another in meetings. Faculty throw things—chairs, pens, papers, and they love to slam doors. Staff and faculty love to send harassing emails to each other. And, you won’t believe the sex’capades that go on between faculty-faculty, between faculty-students, and between faculty-staff-students. Yep, I’ve seen it all. Campuses replicate the dysfunctions we see in our communities. Book smarts clearly don’t always translate into good citizenship or common sense.

Peace y’all…really…Peace, please.
(Image: Ms. Yang)

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