Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dominican Blowout- Hair it is!

Sisterdoc has been growing her dredlocs (nothing "dreadful" about them) for more than a hot minute now…about seven years. Apart from thinking that those cheap “pack hair” hair weaves look atrocious, I won’t begrudge any sistah for how she gets her style on. I know some of you love the straight-as-a-board silky hair. If so, check out I read an article about Dominican stylists in the U.S. giving a chemical-free blowout that gets kinky/curly hair smooth as glass. It is supposed to be an all-natural process—just conditioner—no oil, no grease. It should last until you wash it, get it wet, sweat it out, or whatever.

Back in the day, I used to train it up to 135th Street in Harlem with one of my SisterGirlfriends so that she could get her hair relaxed “by the Dominicans.” The beauty shop, and others on the block, had signs in the window trumpeting “Dominican relaxer here!” Their relaxers were supposed to be over-fierce…getting hair straighter for longer. The beauticians also had good PR, invoking a proximity to “the motherland” as a source of their special expertise. Black women seeking a hair miracle would line up at the crack of dawn to get their ‘do did…and it wasn’t very expensive.

Interestingly, the secret to the blowout is some sort of Italian conditioner concoction. Ah, a multicultural effort is in play here.

Let’s hope this new hotness keeps your locks ever lovely. Peace y’all.

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Anonymous said...

I have been googling trying to find a salon that can manage my hair and ran across your blog. Can you recommend a salon in Pittsburgh, PA? I am caucasin and have kinky curly hair. Salons around here say..."oh yes, I can do it" and they are horrible stylists! I walk out looking like a ball of fuzz or the cowardly lion! I do a better job straightening my hair than they do. I want to try a salon that works with ethnic hair but don't know where to go or try. Any salon or product suggestions is appreciated.