Friday, February 20, 2009

Strange but True: Death Threats Against Nadya Suleman and PR Firm

By now we all know that Nadya Suleman has 14 babies. We all know that Nadya is not the most sympathetic figure. She is single, she has no job, and has no home of her own. She revealed that she was “obsessed” with having children, and underwent IVF treatment (a second time), after she already had 6 kids. Of her original six children, one is autistic, another has ADHD, and a third has mild autism.

If all that sounds incredible, what is crazier is that complete strangers have been sending Suleman death threats. These are potential murders intent on making 14 children orphans. Really?!

When these wackos couldn’t get near Suleman, they went after a public relations firm that was managing her media appearances. The Killeen Furtney Group had to end its relationship with Suleman after they received a bunch of emailed threats, 100+ graphically violent and potentially credible in their promise to kill members of the PR firm. The firm also got slammed with nasty phone messages. The hateful people also called the firm’s other clients, even threatening them!

That’s a lot of venom. What’s up with this?

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