Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prince Harry Your Racism is (Still) Showing

Prince Harry is being sent off to “equality and diversity” school, and none too soon. A few weeks ago, it came out that Prince Charles’ maybe baby--Harry looks a lot like Lady Di’s “special friend” James Hewitt-- likes to use racist language. In a video recently leaked, Harry can be heard calling an Asian, fellow squaddie a “Paki.” Racist! He teases another soldier about looking like a “rag head.” Racist, racist! In 2005, Harry went to a party dressed as a Nazi and wearing a swastika. Racist, racist, racist!!!

It seems Harry gets his hate through nurture and/or nature by way of his grandfather Prince Philip. In 2008, Philip is reported to have said he thought “Eastern women just sit around smoking pipes and eating all day.” In 2006, he is reported to have expressed the belief that the presence of Romanian orphanages is no mistake: “there’s so many over there you feel they breed them just to put them in orphanages.” In 2002, he wondered aloud if Australian Aborigines “still throw spears at each other.” In 1986, Philip warned British students visiting China to leave the country with the quickness or else they would end up “all slitty-eyed.” RACIST!!!!

Harry was recently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and claims he is committed to fighting the “war on terror.” From where I sit, he is the real terror.

(Image: Harry and Hewitt)

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